The Alnobak Wabanakiak: People of the Dawn

The Alnôbak Wabanakiak inhabited the land they called Ndakinna. This group included the Western Abenaki, who inhabited the land that today includes all of Vermont, New Hampshire, north-central Massachusetts, northwestern Maine, and southern Quebec. It is estimated that before contact with Europeans, the Western Abenaki population in Vermont was 10,000.  The Western Abenaki lived along waterways in groups or bands, including:

 The Missisquois on the shores of Lake Champlain at the Missisquoi River.
 The Cowasucks and Sokokis on the Connecticut River.
 The Pigwackets on the Saco River on the Maine-New Hampshire border. 
 The Pennacooks, Ossipees, and Winnipesaukees on the upper Merrimack River.

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